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Changing the Way Virginia Builds Ponds

Virginia Water Gardens is a family owned and operated Landscaping and Custom Design Water Garden Construction Company and Aquatic Nursery. We specialize in aquatic plants, pond fish, pond fish food, water filters, pond pumps, garden fountains, decorative garden statues and a variety of products to maintain or build your own backyard water garden, stream, waterfall or pond.

Our retail store and working water garden showroom is easily accessible from exit 133 off Route 95 and located on Cambridge Street (Route 1), just a mile north of Warrenton Road (Route 17) in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

We cordially invite you to stop by to view our beautifully landscaped displays of aquatic ponds complete with pond fish and water plants, cascading waterfalls and rolling streams flowing over colorful rock formations and surrounded by luscious plants, flowers and decorative garden accessories.

Perfectly situated within Stafford County, we are able to offer our expert custom design, landscaping and construction services to residential homes and commercial businesses throughout Virginia.

This includes communities within Fredericksburg, Stafford, Falmouth, Chatham Heights, White Oak, Wilderness, Chancellorsville, Hartwood, Aquia, Garrisonville, Massaponax, Tappahanock, King George and Caroline as well as surrounding communities as far south as Richmond and up into Northern Virginia.

Virginia Water Gardens will create a lush paradise right in your own backyard, featuring ponds, streams, waterfalls, pondless waterfalls and lush landscaping, exotic koi and other exotic colorful fish that you will enjoy for countless soothing and relaxing hours. Imagine the possibilities for your own yard as we guide and assist you through in selecting pond plants, pond flowers, water fountains, water spitters and landscaping to create a special and unique personal environment you will enjoy for many years to come. All of our water gardens are one of a kind... custom designed and expertly installed just for you! Every watergarden or backyard pond we create is unique and custom designed, personalized to enhance and beautify your existing landscape using various sizes and shapes and tailored to meet your location and budget.

Virginia Water Gardens Services:

  • Retail sales - a complete line of pond products and pond equipment for the do-it-yourself customers, including pond liners, pond kits, pond pumps, tubing, pond skimmers, skimmer filters and every thing you need to install your own water garden paradise. We are happy to share our knowledge and expertise so that your project is a success.

  • In house custom design and installation - of your water garden and backyard pond. We create self contained ecosystems using a system which creates a naturally balanced environment to keep your pond clean and running smoothly. With the proper pumps, filters, fish, rock, water plants, and good pond bacteria, you can keep your pond as clean and clear as the streams in the mountains, in as little as five minutes a week.

  • Custom landscaping -  to complement your backyard pond, water garden waterfall or stream with a patio, retaining wall, flowers, plants, contours, rocks and garden accessories. We make your special place and backyard come alive with a natural and peaceful serenity that is picture-perfect. Just imagine:  no more mowing the lawn, grass clippings to dispose of, fertilizers, weed killers and lawn treatment chemicals, or daily watering in the summer. Just sit back on your bench or favorite rock and enjoy the soothing, peaceful, relaxing sounds of water and nature.

Elements of an Ecosystem Water Garden:

  • Garden Pond Plants
    Floating Pond Plants which either have their roots in the soil and their leaves floating on the surface or can have their roots simply dangling in the water like water hyacinth or water lettuce.

  • Oxygenating Pond Plants
    These plants grow beneath the pond's surface and bloom as small flowers above the water taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen necessary for the survival of other plants and fish.

  • Marginal Pond Plants or Bog Plants
    These pond plants do best around the pond's edges, with their "feet" in shallow water and their "heads" waving in the breeze.. Marginal Pond Plants and Bog plants help provide a smooth transition from the pond to its borders and serve to link the pond with the surrounding landscape.

  • Water Lilies
    Water lilies are stunningly beautiful, dependable, and easy to plant.  These semi-floaters are the showpieces in any pond. Lilies come in hardy and tropical varieties. Hardy varieties bloom during daylight, and close after sunset. Tropical Water Lilies include both day and night bloomers.

  • Rocks & Gravel
    Adding rocks and gravel to a pond solves many traditional pond problems and reduces pond maintenance. Gravel provides surface area for bacteria to colonize which breaks down pond fish waste and other organic matter that settles to the pond bottom. The rocks and gravel also help hold down the liner during high ground water conditions and create areas for fish to hide when predators come around. Finally, a stone bottom looks more natural and is safer to walk on than an exposed slippery rubber pond liner.

  • Pond Fish
    Pond Fish like Koi or Coy fish and Pond Goldfish are the visual showstoppers of most garden ponds and also serve to create a proper ecological balance in their watery environment. Pond fish help with the algae problem because they feed on it as well as feed on insect larvae and reduce the mosquito population around your backyard garden pond and water garden.

  • Underwater Pond Lighting
    Underwater pond lights are included with every water pond that Virginia Water Gardens designs and builds. When the sun goes down everything in the pond is lit up and magnified like a gigantic aquarium. The pond's Koi fish and goldfish really come alive at night, adding a whole new dimension to your pond.

After dealing with the stress of work and long commutes, you can wind down by sitting next to your very own backyard garden pond and letting the sounds of running water take away the tension of a long day. Whether you choose to have a flowing stream or tranquil water pond with waterlilies, Koi fish, tropical exotic water lilies, or goldfish, that beautiful, peaceful, and personal water garden with pond and waterfall will be a source of enjoyment and relaxation for hours each day for years to come. And right in your own back yard!

You might think it takes time to take care and maintain a water garden or back yard pond, but you should not spend more than 5-10 minutes a week cleaning out your skimmer basket of large debris and adding the "good" bacteria to help clean and maintain your piece of paradise. Our self contained eco-friendly water gardens are meant to enjoy, not labor over all the time keeping them clean and we will make it possible for you to do just that!

So call us, Virginia Water Gardens of Fredericksburg, Virginia, today at 540-372-4499 to arrange a design consultation and give us the opportunity to design, install and create your own backyard water garden paradise!